Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution (for Steam Cleaners)
Nothing is better than a steam cleaner for getting your carpets REALLY good and clean. But, the solution that you can purchase along with the rental cleaners is usually just as much as renting the machine itself! Have you ever wondered if you can make a good substitute for the commercial solution, at home?

Yes you can! Professional carpet cleaners say that one of the most important aspects of getting a really thorough clean with a steam cleaner is that you use VERY HOT WATER. Another thing to remember is that TOO MUCH SOAP ACTUALLY HOLDS IN THE DIRT You'd think that the more soap you use the better, but the opposite is true.

In fact, you can use a combination of very hot water and plain white vinegar to clean your carpets with a steam cleaner. Others have told me that club soda works great in a steam cleaner.

If you try the vinegar and water solution -- just use about 1 cup of undiluted white vinegar to the hot water and then clean away. By not using soap, you'll actually get your carpets even cleaner, because the soap residue won't remain in the carpet fibers. When that residue DOES remain, it attracts more dirt like a sponge. Weird, huh? But true!

So, give the water and vinegar steam cleaning solution a try -- and please let me know the results!