Lavender Spray

Using natural lavender scent, this delicately scented pillow spray will make you naturally feel a little tired. Or...just use it as an air freshener.

1 cup distilled water
8 - 10 drops essential oil of lavender
spray bottle, with a fine mist setting

Pour the cup of distilled water into the spray bottle. Add the drops of essential oil and shake very well. Cap the bottle, and allow to sit for a few hours before using. Shake the bottle before each use to evenly distribute the scented oil throughout the water. Use the label to describe what sort of product is contained in the bottle. And be sure to use the fine mist setting on your bottle, so the spray will be nicely distributed.

To use: About ten to twenty minutes before going to bed, spray your pillows (and your linens, if you like) with the spray. Let the scent mellow slightly by allowing the ten to twenty minutes to pass before lying down. When you do lie down, the pillows will smell wonderful! But an even greater benefit is that lavender is a natural relaxant, so this wonderful spray may actually help you fall asleep easier, and sleep better.