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Remove Old Wax from Votive Holders (Candleholders)

I adore candles. I have them ALL OVER the place, in every scent and shape and size you can possibly imagine. My personal favorite is vanilla candles or something that smells yummy like apple pie - DELISH!

I go through quite a lot of candles, and so getting the old wax from votive holders had become a bit of a problem until I did a little experimenting. Here are the two best ways I've found to remove that wax easily, so I can put a fresh candle in:

Cold Option The first is to pop the votive candle holder in the freezer for about an hour or a little longer. The entire chunk of old wax will easily pop right out.

Hot Option This is the one I use the most often, since it's a lot faster! I boil some water, and pour about an inch of it into a little baking dish or loaf pan. I set the votive candle holders in there and let them sit for a few minutes. Then, using a spoon or butter knife, I gently press the old wax right out. It's really simple!

Ta dah! Now you can go ahead and fill that holder with a new candle and enjoy all the lovely ambience it creates! We happy slobs definitely love candlelight - because if our housecleaning isn't UP TO PAR then it hides some of the grunge. Hehehe.

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